Equip Student Entrepreneurs Project

EEO takes entrepreneurship to the Universities, polytechnics and colleges of Education to empower students to acquire alternative career added to their professional career to boost their employment opportunity and streams of income. By practicing entrepreneurship in school through scientific research, product development and production, carrying out comprehensive and marketable feasibility studies on different areas of entrepreneurship, the students are availed the opportunity of creating jobs for themselves and others.
SEPRO provides “Special Entrepreneurship Start-Up Funds” for undergraduates and graduate members alike, who are inventive or possesses special entrepreneurship skills or ideas for execution after graduation.

The Procedure
1. The students MUST register with EEO EASEPRO
2. Choose his or her area of entrepreneurship for research.
3. Attend lectures every week for the duration of the student’s
4. After graduation / youth service, those who excelled in their studies are sponsored abroad to complete their feasibility studies.
5. Setup a factory for a takeoff after completion of overseas studies.
6. Recruitment of fellow professionals in the field

Student’s Feasibility Research Projectequip1

EEO SEPROsponsors graduate students to research and prepare feasibility reports on businesses and products that are scientifically and technologically driven under the supervision of EEO’s team of entrepreneurs. This automatically guarantees the students a secured future in the employment market, irrespective of his/her course of study. The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming and the population is growing geometrically, so we must plan to avert this ticking time bomb? Already the nation is feeling the heat of increased intractable insecurity, violent crimes, armed robbery, and banditry, which are attributable to unemployment and poverty.

Benefits Of Students Entrepreneurs Project (sepro)

  • The students become employers of labor, instead of being disillusioned in the labor market seeking for nonexistent job.
  • Nigeria will thrive in insubstantial job creation through SEPRO.
  • Economic prosperity and development
  • Security
  • Restored confidence in our education system.
    Four to five years in the University is enough for any serious minded entrepreneur student to research and prepare a marketable feasibility study in a particular field of entrepreneurship under EEO sponsorship. SEPRO is aimed at turning our undergraduates to JOB CREATORS rather than JOB SEEKERS.
    You can choose to study a professional course; it does not disqualify you from participating in SEPRO project



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