The Eastern Entrepreneurs Investment Project

1E E D Pis the pooling together all Igbo entrepreneurs / investors across the globe for the return investment traffic to Eastern Nigeria through the DOTSPACE investment campaign.

EEI Project is a special regional initiative by EEO to galvanizing Igbo entrepreneurs and investors to synergize on redirecting entrepreneurship and investment traffic from across the world. The Igbo nation is replete with enterprising, successful, resilient and resourceful entrepreneurs and investors everywhere on planet earth. These entrepreneurs have migrated massively out of the region to other countries of the world in search of greener pastures and many have become renowned investors and successful businessmen and women.
The unprecedented exodus has virtually left the Eastern Nigeria empty, desolate, impoverished, insecure and underdeveloped, though, it has become a huge blessing in disguise in that, it afforded the Igbo nation the unique opportunity to diversify and become wealthy. But we cannot continue to allow goats, snakes, rabbits and dogs to exploit our absence and take over our father’s house.

The return of Igbo entrepreneurs and investors across the globe to invest in Igbo nation will certainly encourage:

  • Enhanced industrial and technological development
  • Job creation
  •  Increased economic activities.
  • Curb the unprecedented tide of migration of the Eastern youths out the region to other parts of the world in search of better life.
  • It will ensure regional security and drastic reduction in criminality.
  • It will to secure the Igbo identity and national pride.
    The Igbo nation has contributed immensely to the development of other regions of the country; it’s now time to develop our own.
    Self- love and self - preservation are inevitable prerequisites to the survival of any people, and if we ignore it, we become irrelevant.

The proposed federal government’s REHABILITATION, RECONSTRUCTION, AND RECONCILIATION PROJECT for the war ravaged Eastern Nigeria has never happened, and may never happen. It is the Igbo nation that will make it happen by returning investment traffic to the East. We must unleash and maximize the latent commercial, industrial and technological potentials of Eastern Nigeria for the benefit of all. No nation, tongue or tribe in the world, not even in a multi- national, multicultural and religious country like Nigeria has ever left her security, economic and political prosperity at the mercies of other nations in the name of patriotism, unity in diversity or political correctness. Charity, they say, first began at home.

 Eastern Entrepreneur Investment Project
This is aimed to achieve:

  • The massive training of young Agripreneurs on mechanized agro system, crops research, development and preservation through Agritechnology in Eastern Nigeria.
  • The total industrialization and development of Eastern Nigeria through science and technology
  • To initiate, fund new businesses and boost the growth of the existing SMEs across the region.
  • Leveraging on creative imitation and technological transfer to boost industrial growth in all the commercial cities in the East.
  • To improve the effectiveness of the Igbo apprenticeship Venture Capital System, popularly called, ‘imu - ahia’ or” imu - olu” which literally translates to, ‘to learn a Trade or to learn Work, as a more effective incubation system in entrepreneurship.
  • To provide those with requisite educational qualifications, entrepreneurial skills, research, discoveries and innovative ideas with start – up funds for project execution.
  • To curb the unprecedented mass exodus of our youths crisscrossing nations of the world in search of jobs and better economic life.

    Eastern Entrepreneurs Investment Project – A Project Of Necessity
    To rebuild what was destroyed is not always easy. It requires a lot of sacrifices, commitment and dogged enthusiasm to accomplish. Likewise, investing in a new terrain or business environment requires a comprehensive feasibility study, lot of risk, time, financial commitment and enterprising spirit to succeed.
    Therefore, most Igbo businessmen based outside the East may find it unwise and unprofitable to plant and grow a new business in the region for some obvious reasons. But it’s the same process of patience, hard work, and unwavering faith for success that made them to succeed in every part of the world they invested.

Their reasons for investing heavily outside the East could be summarized as follows:

  • Insufficient resources for investment.
  • Incubation/ Managerial processes.
  • Inauspicious government policies
  • Time for business growth
  • Fear of Non - Profitability, etc.
  • No functional seaports and international Airports
  • Alleged Prevailing Insecurity in the East recently

The driving force in planting new businesses anywhere in the world is primarily to make profit. But in this instance, we aim to contribute our quota to nation building by returning business traffic to the East in order to ensure rapid Understanding the imperativeness of redirecting entrepreneurship traffic to the Eastern Nigerian is the first motivating factor for investing in the project. When you plant a business anywhere in the world, automatically, you have created a job opportunity for someone, so the East is not different. There are salient reasons that have made it mandatory for every Igbo entrepreneur to return their businesses gradually to the Eastern Nigeria.

The reasons are as follows:

  • Increase in Profit
  • Patriotism and love for the Igbo nation.
  • Security – no xenophobic attacks or business looting.
  • Proximity – you can run it from your family house and save rent.
  • Increased entrepreneurship traffic
  • Access to seaports that could create over two million jobs, directly and indirectly in marine business, oil & gas, power, education, housing, agro-food industry, entertainment, tourism, e t c.
  • Economic prosperity of the region.
  • Technological advancement, Mechanized Agro system and industrialization of the region.
  • The wanton destruction of Igbo lives and businesses across the country without consequences.

The above indisputable good reasons are the motivations for considering investing in Eastern Nigeria. No outside influences, threats or policies can affect your security and that of your business in the East. For instance, those who had their businesses in the East were not affected by the quit notice issued to Igbo nation domiciled and doing business in the North in August 2nd, 2017 by the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum or the xenophobic attacks in South Africa.
Above all, we are repositioning the Eastern Nigeria to reassert its rightful place in the technology, Commerce and industry in the world, which was manifest clearly during the Biafra war. This would have benefitted Nigeria, if the federal government had leveraged on this unique opportunity to make its mark in the world of science and technology today.

This is incumbent on all of us, as Eastern Entrepreneurs, wherever we are domiciled around the world; we must take action and responsibility for this noble idea to flourish in order to reinvent the Eastern Nigeria. This is a call we MUST answer to change the prevailing economic narratives. If we can develop other regions effectively, then, we can develop our home better and not to subject it poverty and insecurity.


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