The Nigeria industrialization Plan

One state, one factory startup Plan through SEPRO
Through our EQUIP STUDENT ENTREPRENEURS PROJECT (SEPRO), we plan to establish industries in every state of the federation that will be technologically driven. The best student entrepreneurs with viable and marketable feasibility study in any selected products, inventions and services in the 36 states will be empowered to establish an industry in that field in his / her state to be replicated after 5 years of operation.
Funding And Execution
EEO will be at the top of the financing of the Student’s industrialization process in collaboration with:

  • The Federal Government
  • The state government
  • The local council development Area.
  • The representatives of the constituencies in the NASS.
  • Entrepreneurship Organizations
  • Corporate Organization
  •  Individual Entrepreneurs
    This plan will obviously curb the menace of youth unemployment and place the country on the right part to industrialization and technology. The industrialization project and mechanized agro system is 100% technologically driven.
    Mechanized agro system, powered with technology will:
    • Create more employment opportunities
    • Encourage crop research and development
    • Reduce importation of consumable goods
    • Increase Export of agro products to earn foreign exchange.
    • Encourage and promote locally produced goods and services
    • Regulate market prices of consumable goods.
    • Regulates animal husbandry through ranching, if we must succeed in massive food production and ensure the safety of farmer’s lives from armed herders.
    Israel is an example of a country that has excelled massively in mechanized agro system and ranching. We can imitate them creatively or engage them in outright technological transfers to boost our mechanized agro system.
    Computers, Phones and accessories, cars, buses, trucks and spare parts, textiles, etc., are other important areas of technology to delve into in the EEO Nigeria industrialization plan. The Nigeria market has been submerged by china and Chinese goods. With this indigenous industrialization plan, we can take back our markets from foreigners and rescue the country from the grip of poverty, hunger, feckless borrowing and unprecedented debt burden that has led to a subtle neocolonialism in Africa.
    We plan to build viable industries in the 36 states of the federation through SEPRO/ TNIP in our industrialization blueprint for the country and ensure their growth and capacity to reproduce themselves with time, and in 30 years, Nigeria will experience industrial explosion. One of the deadly factors that has brought noble projects like this to naught is corruption, and in some cases, incompetence and nepotism. We will not tolerate incompetent hands to ruin this laudable industrialization plan.


N I P /sepro Coordinators
EEO will setup coordinators in all the states of the Federation for effective monitoring, coordination and execution of the industrialization Plan. The EEO NIP coordinators will also have oversight of the Student Entrepreneurs Project. They supervise the student’s feasibility study preparations and make recommendations to EEO executives for final approval. SEPRO may require students to travel outside the country for 3 – 6 months to carry out research for a marketable feasibility report on creative imitation and technological acquisition.

Funding N I P
The federal, State, local governments, law makers, corporate Organization, and entrepreneurship Organizations both local and international are all involved in the sponsorship and execution of this National Industrialization Plan. Donations are also accepted from individual business men and women across the country. This industrialization Plan is aimed at diversifying the economy of the country to augment revenues accrued from our sole source of national income, oil and gas.

Job Opportunities
SEPRO will be more effective in youth empowerment than N – power because the graduating youths are directly in-charge of the project from the feasibility concept to execution proper. They learnt firsthand the entire processes of product or idea development, production, distribution and marketing. Nobody is paid any 30k stipends, instead, the billions of naira given out as stipends monthly are channeled towards developing a product and building factories that could guarantee a secured permanent job opportunity for millions of our youths in the country.
More so, it will provide permanent employments for the graduates, even during their National Youth Service year, because they will be serving in those companies that were initiated by their fellow graduates with the mandate to birth their own product and factory after their service year. If we establish a factory in each state every year producing one product or the other through this model, Nigeria will experience industrial explosion in 20 years’ time.
The new company and product birthed automatically provides permanent employment opportunity for the passing out NYSC members in every state and many other youths. In so doing, we continue to create more jobs yearly as we industrialize in the process.



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